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Tue, 31 March 2015.
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Clutch including damper springs


A clutch for effectively prevents a clutch outer from tilting at the time when torque is varied. The clutch includes damper springs for transmitting, to a clutch outer, torque inputted to a driven gear, and a thrust washer for regulating positional change of a position of the clutch outer with respect to the driven gear in a direction of the shaft axis. The thrust washer is disposed between the driven gear and the clutch outer in an axial direction. The thrust washer is disposed only outward of the damper springs in a radial direction.

Filed on: 2006-10-23; Application Number: 11584523


Isamu Takahashi
Kei Yoshinaga
Masaki Yoneyama
Yoshiki Nagahashi
Ken Yamanaka
Kazumitsu Yamamoto




Honda Motor Co Ltd