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Mon, 2 March 2015.
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Steering shaft support structure and vehicle


A steering shaft support structure for an all terrain vehicle in which both forces of push and pull applied to an EPS unit are reduced when a load is applied to handlebars. The structure includes a steering shaft rotatably supported by a body frame and handlebars attached to the steering shaft. The EPS unit is also supported by the body frame. Two sets of adjustable joints are interposed between the steering shaft and the EPS unit in such a manner that their axes are shiftable. With this, if a load is applied to the handlebars, the adjustable joint associated with the steering shaft follows the inclination of the steering shaft, so that the connection point (swing point) of the adjustable joint associated with the EPS unit does not shift. This reduces both forces of push and pull applied to the EPS unit.

Filed on: 2006-10-27; Application Number: 11588252


Megumu Okada
Keita Yagi
Yotaro Mori
Takeshi Wakabayashi
Kihoko Kaita




Honda Motor Co Ltd