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Fri, 27 February 2015.
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Method for producing an antistatically coated molded body


A process is described for producing mouldings from plastics by coating a moulding on one or more sides with a lacquer system, the lacquer system being composed of a binder or a binder mixture, optionally a solvent or solvent mixture, optionally other additives usual in lacquer systems and a thickener, and use can be made here of polymeric thickeners at from 0 to 20% content and oligomeric thickeners at from 0 to 40% content, in each case based on dry film (components a, c, d, e), from 5 to 500 parts by weight, based on a), of an electrically conductive metal oxide powder with a median primary particle size of from 1 to 80 nm and a percentage degree of aggregation of from 0.01 to 99%, from 5 to 500 parts by weight, based on a), of inert nanoparticles coated in a manner known per se and the lacquer cured.

Filed on: 2004-08-06; Application Number: 10578568


Patrick Becker
Thomas Hasskerl
Rolf Neeb
Ghirmay Seyoum