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Mon, 30 March 2015.
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Double clutch transmission


An input system includes an input shaft portion, including a first input shaft and a second input shaft, which is rotatably fitted on an outer circumferential surface of the first input shaft; bearings, rotatably supporting the input shaft portion; and clutches, provided at the first and second input shafts, respectively, for transmitting rotational power of an engine to the first or second input shafts. An output system includes a first output shaft and a second output shaft, a plurality of driven gearwheels, which mesh with drive gearwheels of the first and second input shafts, and synchromesh mechanisms. An oil reservoir is provided below the second output shaft for reserving lubricating oil in such an amount that driven gearwheels for low gears which are disposed on the second output shaft are submerged therein. Drive gearwheels for low gears are disposed adjacent to the bearings, respectively. Tooth width dimensions of the drive gearwheels for the low gears are larger than tooth width dimensions of the driven gearwheels for the low gears. Exposed tooth width portions of the drive gearwheels constitute oil splashing portions which splash lubricating oil splashed by the driven gearwheels on to the bearings, respectively.

Filed on: 2007-05-29; Application Number: 11806025


Katsuhiro Komori




Mitsubishi Jidosha Kogyo Kabushiki Kaisha
Mitsubishi Jidosha Engineering Kabushiki Kaisha