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Switch Circuit


A switch circuit includes: a first input and output terminal; a first inductor connected with the first input and output terminal; a capacitor connected with the first inductor; a second input and output terminal connected with the capacitor; a first MEMS switch connected with one end of the capacitor; a second MEMS switch connected with the other end of the capacitor; and a second inductor connected between the first MEMS switch and the second MEMS switch, and satisfies a relationship of f=1/(2CL1)=1/(2CL2), where L1 is an inductance of the first inductor, L2 is an inductance of the second inductor, C is a capacitance of the capacitor, and f is a use frequency.

Filed on: 2005-01-27; Application Number: 11795335


Kenji Kawakami
Satoshi Hamano
Masaomi Tsuru
Tadashi Takagi
Kenichi Miyaguchi
Tamotsu Nishino
Masatake Hangai
Moriyasu Miyazaki
Shinnosuke Soda