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Fri, 6 March 2015.
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Method For Treating Wood Surfaces


The invention relates to a method for treating wood or wood material surfaces with surface treatment agents and to the wood or wood materials treated by said method. Said method comprises the steps of a) impregnating wood, a wood material or a material for manufacturing a wood material with a hardenable aqueous composition, which contains at least one cross-linkable compound, selected from &agr;) low-molecular weight compounds V, having at least two N-bonded groups of formula CH2OH, wherein R=hydrogen or C1-C4 alkyl, and/or one 1,2-bishydroxyethan-1,2-diyl group, bridging two nitrogen atoms, &bgr;) precondensates of the compound V and ϝ) reaction products or mixtures of the compound V with at least one alcohol, selected from C1-C6 alkanols, C2-C6 polyols and oligoalkylene glycols, b) treating the material obtained in step a) at an elevated temperature and, optionally, transforming said material into a wood material and c) treating at least one surface of the wood or wood material to be treated with a surface treatment agent and, optionally, drying the treated surface in a manner known per se.

Filed on: 2006-04-28; Application Number: 11912534


Arend Jouke Kingma
Eva Wagner
Klaus Menzel
Karl Graf
Holger Militz
Andreas Krause
Carsten Mai
Yanjun Xie