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Thu, 5 March 2015.
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Torque Detecting Device and Electric Power Steering Apparatus Using the Same


There is provided a torque detecting device including: magnetic flux concentrating rings which locate on a magnetic circuit forming member provided in a rotating body to which a torque is exerted, the rings concentrating a magnetic flux generated by the member, a detecting part which detects the torque to the rotating body based on a density of the magnetic flux concentrated by the rings; and a holding ring which holds the magnetic flux concentrating rings and the detecting part and includes an attachment portion attaching to a stationary substance, on a circumference of the holding ring. Both end faces of the holding ring in an axial direction of the holding ring are substantially parallel. The attachment portion includes a fitting groove into which a sealing ring, which seals a gap between the attachment portion and the stationary substance fits.

Filed on: 2006-09-27; Application Number: 11992829


Yoshitomo Tokumoto
Naoki Nakane
Toshiharu Ishihara