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Mon, 30 March 2015.
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Method of Extracting Residual Pesticides and Extraction Kit


A method of extracting residual pesticides in an agricultural product and a kit to be used therein. Namely, a method of extracting residual pesticides which comprises: (1) a step of processing an agricultural product into a form allowing the extraction of the residual pesticides; (2) a step of treating the thus processed agricultural product with a dehydrating agent; and (3) a step of extracting the residual pesticides from the thus dehydrated agricultural product by using a hydrophobic solvent, which has an octanol/water partition coefficient (logPow) of from 0 to 4, or a mixed solvent of hydrophobic solvent and hydrophobic solvent. A kit to be used in the method as described above. By using the above method and kit, the procedure can be simplified and an effect of reducing the amount of extracted contaminants such as pigments can be established.

Filed on: 2006-03-03; Application Number: 11885515


Masahiko Kitayama
Masaki Kozono
Takashi Ohmori