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Sun, 1 March 2015.
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A liquid ejection device includes a liquid ejection member including a pressurized liquid chamber and a liquid ejection orifice which is in fluid communication with the pressurized liquid chamber to eject a liquid in the pressurized liquid chamber to the outside. A piezoelectric device is formed on the pressurized liquid chamber via a vibrating diaphragm. The piezoelectric device includes a lower electrode, a piezoelectric film and an upper electrode, which are disposed sequentially. The piezoelectric film is a thin-film piezoelectric material having a Curie point of 200 C. or more. The liquid ejection device further includes a heating element for heating a material, which has a melting point of not less than 150 C. and lower than the Curie point of the piezoelectric film, charged in the pressurized liquid chamber to a temperature not less than the melting point of the material.

Filed on: 2009-03-06; Application Number: 12399642


Takamichi Fujii
Mitsuru SAWANO