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Wed, 4 March 2015.
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Aviation Fuel Composition


The present invention relates to an aviation fuel composition comprising a) a jet fuel; b) an alkyl ester or a mixture of alkyl esters obtained from reaction between i) saturated fatty acids with carbon chain length ranging from 8 to 10 (C8-C10 saturated fatty acids); and ii) monohydric alcohols with carbon chain length ranging from 1 to 4 (C1-C4 monohydric alcohols); wherein the alkyl ester or mixture of alkyl esters can be blended with jet fuel in an amount up to 50% (vol/vol).

Filed on: 2006-11-24; Application Number: 12085555


Yuen May Choo
Sit Foon Cheng
Ah Ngan Ma
Yusof Basiron